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The History of the Valley Business Park Development
  • In 2003, representatives from Cass and Audubon Counties formed a Steering Committee to discuss the advantages of coordinating efforts to enhance economic development for the region.

  • Regional Water from Avoca notified the group that rural water would be brought to the intersection of I-80 and Highway 71 (area very close to the county border). At this point, the Steering Committee’s focus was on the development of that intersection, commonly known as The Valley.

  • In 2006, Cass and Audubon Counties created a 28-E agreement, called Cass-Audubon Border Economic Development Agreement (CABEDA). Part of that agreement stated that any net increase in assessed value of real estate, due to development in a defined area, would be shared by the two counties. Any Local Option Sales Tax derived from new business would be shared also.

  • The Board’s of Supervisors from each county made a formal commitment of $50,000 per year for five years to the CABEDA board to help develop the area.

  • The geographic area within the 28-E agreement was designated as an Enterprise Zone by the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

  • Southwest Iowa Planning Council aided the Board of Supervisors in creating an Urban Renewal District for the same geographic area.

  • Cass County zoned the area Light Industry. Audubon County updating zoning to coincide with Cass County.

  • Land become available that adjoins I-80 and Highway 71. CABEDA obtained an option to purchase 149 acres of relatively level farm land at a total cost of approximately $1million. The land was purchased in March, 2007.

  • Archeological study done.

  • Letter of commitment from Atlantic Municipal Utilities to bring three phase power to the farm as needed. Marne-Elkhorn Telephone committed high speed internet service to the area. Regional Water committed 300,000 gallon per day. Northern Natural Gas has pipeline on site.

  • Cass and Audubon County Supervisors approved bonding for $1 million to close on land purchase.

  • Department of Transportation redesigned and constructed new on-off ramps on the I-80/Hwy 71 interchange (2007). Construction of new bridges began in 2008.